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Alex Hermoso von PREDA/Philippinen

1. How did your relationship with Fair Trade begin? Pocket option Demo

"I personally engaged with Fair Trade in 1983 when our organization, PREDA, was introduced to the Alternative Trading Organization. In 1986 I was invited by Artisans Du Monde in France to campaign for the new Philippines after the People Power revolution that brought down the Marcos dictatorship. Since then the PREDA Fair Trade Programme came into existence and developed partnerships with many Fair Trade Organizations in Europe. Later we also developed partnerships with Fair Trade Organizations in Australia, New Zealand and Japan."

2. What is unique about your project?

"The Fair Trade project of PREDA is very much integrated with our campaign about Human Rights particularly the campaign to rescue children in prison and the victims of child sexual abuse."

3. How has your project developed in the past years?

"With the support of Fair Trade partners, our project have progressed remarkably. There is an increasing demand for the PREDA Fair Trade products as a result of the advocacy work being done with organizations such as DWP, GEPA and the Diocese of Limburg."

4. What would you like to do next?

"I am developing organic mangos and would like to get support from the German Development Agencies in order for PREDA to provide capability trainings to farmers who are willing to convert their mango farms from conventional farming into organic mango production. There is a growing demand for organic food products and we would like to start this development for the PREDA mangos to meet the market demand.

I also would like to do more actions to get young people to be active in Fair Trade in the Philippines and develop partnerships with young people in Germany."


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Alex C. Hermoso
Alex C. Hermoso


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